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Paragon Consulting believes in fitting the technology
to your business, not your business to our technology.

Developers and marketers agree. Sitecore CMS is an ideal website content management solution.

Paragon Consulting, a leading Sitecore Partner based in Cleveland, specializes in website development using the Sitecore CMS platform. As a leading Sitecore partner, Paragon has over 40 certified Sitecore developers and 3 Sitecore MVPs on staff, a Sitecore Specialization in e-Commerce award from Sitecore, and has worked on over 80 projects, including more than 30 Sitecore websites to date.

As a 20-year veteran in .Net development and custom software applications, Paragon’s team of programmers is highly skilled and can operationalize the high expectations a company has for their website in today’s competitive landscape. By fully leveraging the strengths of Paragon’s development team and the flexibility of the Sitecore Content Management System (CMS), the websites we build are completely integrated, personalized, unique, and optimized.

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