Outsource to Cleveland Program

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 @ 03:37

We’ve found the ability to add value in working with other Sitecore partners to help augment their teams. Our low rates allow both of us to profit on an engagement.

Our affordable Midwest rates make us an ideal partner for:

  • Design agencies looking for implementation help. Paragon will take your creative and build the Sitecore site. Our extensive experience allows us to focus on the technical aspects while youwork on the creative and marketing strategy.
  • New Sitecore partners looking to train their staff. If you are a new partner and need some help getting your developers up to speed, Paragon can provide the architectural guidance and development horsepower to make your early projects successful while training your staff.
  • Established Sitecore partners look for additional bandwidth. If you have a big project and need some additional help, Paragon’s extensive Sitecore bench and rate structure can allow you to get all of the work completed and still make good margin on our developers.

We became a Sitecore partner in 2008. Since then we’ve become one of the largest & most experienced certified Sitecore partners in the country. To date we have:

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